Become Luke’s new Principal Scientist in forest soil science

HoliSoils’ project coordinator Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is looking for a Principal Scientist to strengthen soil research in the institute. The selected candidate will work to develop and lead Luke’s research on carbon and nutrient cycling processes in forest soils on mineral soil sites, and how these processes are controlled.

The research will focus on soil carbon and nutrient cycling processes, nutrient availability, and organic matter quality. The objective is to better understand the linkages between these factors, and their significance both for the biomass production of forest ecosystems and for the environmental and climate impacts. The main focus should be on the response of soil processes and properties to forest management in changing environment and climate.

The position of Principal Scientist is permanent. The tasks include planning and leading research projects and working in those, as well as developing both field and laboratory methods connected to the research topics. The Principal Scientist is expected to publish at international scientific level, acquire research funding and be active in both national and international collaboration networks.

The deadline for applications is 23 February 2024, 16:00 Finnish time.

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