HoliSoils in a nutshell

Soils are crucial for the global climate and human wellbeing, providing clear benefits for people and the planet in their sustainable management. Knowledge gaps on forest soil processes and the lack of harmonised soil monitoring limits our ability to maintain soil-related ecosystem services and achieve climate policy objectives.

A better understanding of soil processes can support decision making in meeting climate and sustainability goals. This requires harmonised monitoring methods, models, tools and data to develop and inform policies and strategies to meet the SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement, as well as the European Green Deal.

Find out how HoliSoils meets this challenge! The HoliSoils brochure is available now for an excellent overview on this exciting project focussing on holistic management practices, modelling and monitoring for European forest soils.

Download the HoliSoils brochure (PDF)

European Green Deal: Research and innovation for healthy soils & forests

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The European Green Deal package on Nature adopted on 17 November 2021 marks a milestone in the effort to stop deforestation and make soils healthy for people, nature and climate. Healthy soils are key for climate neutrality, a clean and circular economy, reversing biodiversity loss, providing healthy food, safeguarding human health, and halting desertification and land degradation.

The new EU Soil Strategy for 2030 will promote the protection, restoration and sustainable use of soils. Deforestation and forest degradation are central drivers of global warming and biodiversity loss. The new Deforestation Regulation will guarantee that products placed on the EU market do not contribute to global deforestation and Forest degradation, it will also reduce carbon emissions, and address illegal activities harming forests.