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Soil data from all over Europe and synthesised knowledge stored in external and tailor-made databases is accessible here. Find the latest information on soil functions, properties and resilience to factors such as natural disturbances or forest management, as well as their potential to mitigate climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

GlobalFungi database

GlobalFungi Database provides FAIR access to published data on fungal community composition obtained by next-generation-sequencing.

HoliSoils data feeds into this global database; a dedicated site on EU forest biodiversity is under development. Share your data!

Harmonised open-access database on soil information

Soil data collected in countries across Europe compiled in a large and comprehensive repository of forest soil properties.

HoliSoils is creating this freely accessible database for scientists across Europe for modelling, monitoring or field applications.

Spatial soil data and soil properties information

Imagen base tools

Geo-referenced, harmonised soil profile data made freely available through an open-access web-based platform.

Available in January 2024

The HoliSoils database and map layers are a data source for web services and API development which in turn enable data integration into third party systems requiring HoliSoils data.

EU soils most vulnerable to disturbances

Imagen base tools

Database providing spatially explicit data on the vulnerability of soils  to the most damaging disturbances affecting EU forests.

Available in August 2024

HoliSoils uses spatially explicit information on soil properties and functions to develop a database of potential risks for different soil types.