Enhancing SOC reporting: capacity building for developing countries through the HoliSoils project

Soil organic carbon (SOC) is not well addressed in the reporting and monitoring system in developing countries, affecting the global carbon budget and global climate change mitigate policy. To address this gap, the UNFCCC Secretariat organised a webinar in collaboration with HoliSoils project coordinator Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).  

The “Webinar on Soil Organic Carbon to Support National Greenhouse Gas Inventories from Developing Countries under the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement” aimed to improve the technical knowledge of developing country experts on Soil organic Carbon and ensure the presence of a significant pool of soil experts in developing countries. 

Held between 16 and 18 April 2024, the online meeting was organised by Sabin Guendehou (UNFCCC secretariat and member of the HoliSoils Stakeholder and End-User Advisory Board). It featured approaches for estimating soil organic carbon, including a multi-model ensemble tool which simulates SOC and GHG fluxes, developed by HoliSoils project partners Elisa Bruni and Bertrand Guenet (French National Centre for Scientific Research). HoliSoils project coordinators Raisa Mäkipää and Aleksi Lehtonen (LUKE) provided insights into understanding, measuring and reporting on SOC in agriculture, forestry and other land-use. Marta Gómez Giménez (Remote Sensing & Geospatial Analytics, GMV Aerospace and Defense SAU, Spain), who works together with Bertrand Guenet on the MRV4SOC project, provided a conceptual approach for establishing MRV systems for SOC in developing countries.

The webinar gathered 371 participants from 69 developing countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Following the webinar, participants will be provided with additional technical support in two key areas: 

  • Calibration of soil model based on the tool presented during the webinar. 
  • Set-up and maintenance of Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) for SOC. 

A new webinar is planned for 2025 to focus on topics to be identified by participating developing countries. 

Download the presentations (PDF):

Have a look at the webinar agenda of the 2024 webinar! 

Check out the webinar recordings, available in English, French and Spanish!