Have your say on soil health! – Protecting, sustainably managing and restoring EU soils

Soils are crucial for food, nature and our economy and deserve the same level of protection as water, air or the marine environment. The European Commission aims to prepare a proposal for a Soil Health Law announced in the EU Soil Strategy 2030, which aims to specify the conditions for healthy soil, identify options for soil monitoring and set standards leading to sustainable soil use and restoration.

In order to improve and enhance this legislation, a consultation process has been opened so that both the general public and stakeholders in the specific field of soil science can provide feedback on the challenges, opportunities and solutions as well as any relevant information that would be of interest to the European Commission to improve the proposed law.

The European Commission would like to hear your views!

The Commission is seeking your feedback by 16 March 2022. This call for evidence is currently open for comments and your input will be taken into account to further develop and refine this legislative initiative for a future EU Soil Health Directive in 2023. The draft document for an impact assessment that will serve as the basis for the future legislation work can be downloaded here.

Haver your say and give your feedback!