HoliSoils partners preparing numerous products in project’s penultimate year 

The HoliSoils project annual meeting gave consortium partners and stakeholder representatives the chance to discuss HoliSoils’ results and potential products in detail. 

HoliSoils is already in its penultimate year, and this year’s gathering brought into focus the depth of work being carried out in the project, from soil and forest management strategies, biophysical research linked to disturbance and to microbiological processes, to modelling, data and monitoring frameworks for greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  

A detailed session focused on the various maps being developed through the project, and how the wealth of information will be accessible to potential end users. 

Two poster sessions allowed participants to dive more deeply into the research being carried out in the project. Many of the project’s post docs shared their work on specific research questions, and there was a second session focussing on experimental studies being carried out at the project’s test sites around Europe, as well as at the one from Uruguay. 

The HoliSoils Stakeholder and End-user Advisory Board (SEAB) has been instrumental in helping partners consider how different stakeholder groups in the project might use their findings and results. Their active engagement has made a real difference and in the dedicated panel session at this year’s meeting, the ten members who participated (nine in person and one online!) did not disappoint, sharing useful insights, critical questions and offering valuable advice in a fruitful conversation with the consortium. 

The consortium and SEAB members were also treated to two extremely interesting field excursions, the first to witness experiments being carried out on a peatland GHG site, the second to visit Kranzberg drought experiments in planted forests of spruce and beech, where one of the HoliSoils test sites is located. 

The fruits of all this labour will become available as results are published, via publications, web portals, updated modelling tools and recommendations for policy and practice. The challenge now and until the end of the project is to make sure that HoliSoils products reach as many people as possible so that all its stakeholders can benefit. 

Stay up to date with HoliSoils products as they become available: the HoliSoils toolkit is continuously updated and our repository in Zenodo already has many papers, with more added as they come out!