HoliSoils research featured in New York Times!

A new article on the New York Times explores how climate change is impacting invertebrates in soil, drawing on HoliSoils research.

Soils are teeming with life, but we still have not enough information on the rich biodiversity hosted in soil. However, as Leticia Pérez Izquierdo (HoliSoils researcher form the Basque Centre for Climate Change) highlights in the article, we are stating to open the “black box” of soil.

The article explores how changes in rainfall, droughts, and aridity affect soil invertebrates, including insights from a freshly published HoliSoils study, that was featured also in this HoliSoils post. During droughts the population of these invertebrates can shrink by 39%, but Phil Martin (Basque Centre for Climate Change) points out that this percentage is even higher under extreme conditions.

Learn more in the New York Times piece!