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Open-access digital maps and cartographies provide valuable information and data on forest soils. In some cases, these resources are fed by coordinated data collection and the inclusion of further information from the experiments analysed in HoliSoils.

Map of microbial diversity & ecological guild composition in European forests

Imagen base tools

Map and publicly accessible database of diversity and functional guild composition of soil fungi and bacteria in European soils.

Available in December 2024

End-users can see the connection between forest management and biodiversity and identify biodiversity hotspots that might be worth protecting.

HoliSoils coordinates data collection and provides biodiversity information from the experiments analysed in the project.

Open-access high-resolution digital soil maps

Imagen base tools

High-resolution digital soil maps using data from hundreds of soil pits across Europe.

Available in October 2024

HoliSoils interpolates the point source data to produce high resolution digital soil maps which provide valuable data for soil scientists, soil modellers, ecologists and foresters.

Climate-Smart Forestry impact atlas

Imagen base tools

Maps documenting the responses of models to Climate Smart Forestry management. Maps compare selected models with one another, andwith observation-based products.

Available in April 2024

Maps include bulk density, pH, litter depth, soil carbon content, soil carbon/nitrogen ratios, tree diameter, tree height, stand density, maps of litter input, soil respiration, basal area, as well as standing biomass and wood harvest.