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Tools & Models

Different models and research tools help both stakeholders and scientists understand environmental and anthropogenic effects and impacts on forest soils. Some models have been improved by researchers in the HoliSoils consortium by refining and providing new inputs to existing models and analytical tools in soil science.

ORCHIDEE Global Land Surface Model

ORCHIDEE Global Land Surface Model

ORCHIDEE (Organising Carbon and Hydrology In Dynamic Ecosystems) is the land surface model developed by the Pierre Simon Laplace Institute.

New version with HoliSoils tags available in Spring 2022

HoliSoils is expanding and evaluating the functionality of the model, resulting in new tags that address different forest management strategies and different interacting disturbances.

ECOSSE: Carbon in organic soils

ECOSSE (Estimation of Carbon in Organic Soils – Sequestration and Emissions) simulates soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics in both mineral and organic soils using meteorological, land use, land management and soil data, and simulates changes in organic carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

New version available in November 2022

In HoliSoils, ECOSSE is used to study forests on organic soils, implementing a novel functionality to simulate five selected Climate Smart Forestry management strategies.

EFISCEN Space: European Forest Information Scenario Model

The core of EFISCEN Space is the geographically explicit modelling of forest development in Europe at forest stand level, based on empirical tree plot data from the National Forest Inventory, under realistic forest management conditions.

Access to current EFISCEN model

Updated model available in November 2022

In HoliSoils, forest management is extended to five Climate-Smart Forestry management options.

The I+ Software

The I+ software is used to perform virtual tree selection exercises in designated forest training or marteloscopes. The tool was developed in the course of the projects Integrate+ and INFORMAR and continues to be under the European Network Integrate.

The tool is currently tailored to educating on integrating biodiversity conservation in managed forests. It is designed in a way that allows it to be further expanded also to other topics.