New funding opportunities within the EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’

The European Union developed the Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” to lead a transition towards healthy soils by 2030. Currently between 60% and 70% of soils in the EU are considered unhealthy. This Mission intends to foster sustainable soil management to ensure a bright future of our soils.

To achieve these goals, the EU opened new funding opportunities to contribute to this Mission, focusing on these work areas:

  • subsoil;
  • soil pollution and digital tools; 
  • innovations to prevent and combat desertification;
  • soil-friendly practices in horticulture;
  • spatial planning;
  • cultural and creative initiatives for bringing communities closer to soil, and establish the first wave of Living Labs.

Moreover, two joint calls have been established with the Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the Mission “Adaptation to Climate Change”.

Have a look at the 2023 Call for Proposals!

Apply with your project proposal by 20 September 2023!