New survey on the current soil monitoring systems in support of the Soil Monitoring Law

On 5 July 2023, the European Commission submitted a proposal to establish an European Soil Monitoring Law to foster the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of soils. A new report from the European Parliament is currently proposing several amendments to the original Commission’s text.

Your help is now needed to contribute to the assessment on the capacity of your own European Country to implement such law. To do so, a quick survey (only 6 questions) was developed in the framework of the SOLO Project and of the Soil Biodiversity Observation Network (SoilBON) as part of their contribution to existing legislation.

This questionnaire is based on the report from the European Parliament to collect contributions for an European overview and create a community of people that can be mobilized for this monitoring effort.

Fill out the survey and distribute it through your networks by 1 December 2023!