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Partners & stakeholders

The HoliSoils multidisciplinary consortium, together with its network of key stakeholders, consists of universities and research institutes with extensive experience in soil analysis and databases, development of advanced analytical techniques, modelling of complex systems, digital soil mapping, soil ecology, disturbance ecology, forest and GHG inventories, social sciences and communications.


HoliSoils is coordinated by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), and is made up of a consortium of 20 project partners, 18 from across Europe with partners from South America (Uruguay) and Asia (Japan) broadening the perspective globally.


HoliSoils has an extensive network of stakeholders who participate in the project activities and provide feedback in order to improve its developments and results. HoliSoils stakeholders enable an exchange of knowledge, practices and the exploitation and joint dissemination of HoliSoils results.