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Life in the Soil

Discover soil biodiversity listening to the Life in the Soil podcast

The podcast Life in the Soil brings you the insights and voices of some of the world’s best soil scientists. The six available episodes explore soil biodiversity, why it matters,…

Makowski & Wellbrock poster

Review on greenhouse gas reporting in European forest soils

In the framework of the HoliSoils project, the Thuenen Institute is working on the soil monitoring framework. In particular, their work focuses on reviewing European GHG reporting in forest soils,…

The Life Scientific Podcast

Listen now to why soil matters for many challenges beyond climate change

In the BBC’s podcast The Life Scientific, Jim Al-Khalili interviews Pete Smith, Professor of Soil and Global Change at the University of Aberdeen, on the underestimation of soil science and…

How to use GlobalFungi database?

How to use GlobalFungi database?

We enjoy an accumulating wealth of fungal sequencing data from various geographical regions, ecosystems and habitats, thanks to recent advance of high-throughput-sequencing methods. GlobalFungi Database provides FAIR access to published data…